When it comes to marine craft there are many variables when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. You know you must upkeep your marine craft but you don’t want to waste time or money, or do damage to your precious surfaces. Let’s have a look at your best options.

Saltwater and freshwater will require different maintenance and different cleaning products and so it’s best to remember that saltwater will require more time, money, and effort to maintain. If you’re doing it yourself, the best thing to know is the material of the boat you’re working with. If you’ve got an aluminium boat, the use of a marine aluminium cleaner will get you the best results without damaging the surface of your vessel.

When maintaining your marine craft your Engine is top of the list because it’s obviously one of the most important items that need to be inspected, cleaned and examined in every maintenance. Your mechanic should be keeping this area clean but your regular engine degreaser sprays can be used for an extra shine up that you can do yourself. 

When should I clean my boat and what should I use?

Next is your hull and the topsides. Ensuring that these are kept clean of algae and debris mostly falls to the owner, but any cracks or issues should be also examined by a professional.  Try our Boat Wash & Wax: Boaties Premium Gold 5 Litre for superior hull and topsides wash and wax.

Obviously, your craft’s electrical system, which includes your navigation system and equipment, must be inspected and maintained by a professional, but as the owner you can make sure that these systems are kept dry and free from salt and corrosion.

Then it comes to your Canvas, upholstery and trim, which can definitely show wear, and make your craft look old and uncared for.  Any cracks or wear and tear should be treated immediately to make sure they don’t get worse. We recommend our Interior Trim & Protect 750ml Spray for these jobs to keep them in tiptop shape between professional detailing jobs.

We’re not finished yet as it’s time to move onto your hinges, tracks and zippers and check for any rust or corrosion. Here we have another easy maintenance service that an owner can take care of by using Rust Off Gel and Stainless Steel Polish & Wax Protection between professional detailing jobs.

Last but not least is your Teak, if you are lucky enough to have teak trim and/or decks, and it’s the showpiece of your craft. First is always wash your teak with cold fresh water and dry as regularly as possible. As far as regular maintenance, that the owner can help with, teak can be kept like new with products we recommend including Teak Brightener and Teak Wash

If all items on this short checklist are well maintained and looked after by both the owner and your marine craft professional detailer, your vessel should make you proud for many years to come. 

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