Many boat owners can be easily frightened by horror stories that make the rounds on the internet every so often on how to clean the teak on boats and yachts. In reality, marine vessel teak maintenance can be simply cared for and looked after in much the same way normal routine boat and yacht maintenance is performed.

Teak decks have an excellent value within the marine vessel world as they offer benefits such as anti-slip and great insulation effects on the interior of the vessel, as well as keeping the deck itself fairly temperate in those steaming, direct sun temperatures. Teak decks should be maintained and thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year with a professional cleaning service, like The Boat Butler, to keep the teak spic and span and performing just as it should.

Teak wood is made up of soft and hardwood elements that make it extremely resilient and perfect marine vessel performance decking, however, it can be easy to drag out the softwood elements leaving only the ridges of the hardwood that can make the deck quickly in need of an overhaul. However, if properly cared for and maintained, with routine maintenance carried out on a personal and professional level, your teak deck should last you a good ten to fifteen years of wear before it needs a proper overhaul.

If you’re on the Gold Coast and are in need of a great teak deck maintenance and care professional the Boat Butler can help you with all your decking and other marine vessel needs, including full boat services.

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