If there’s one thing that a boat owner knows to be universally true, it’s that it’s near impossible to keep the carpet of a boat as pristine as it should be. Whether it’s because you got to excited about the huge catch you had out deep sea fishing and spilled the fish blood everywhere, or just simply not being able to dry and dust off sand as well as you would like when entering and exiting your boat, there’s never a shortage of sand, salt, sunscreen, fish and general debris that can imbed itself into your marine vessel carpet.

When it comes to carpet cleaning on your boat or yacht, you should be looking at doing a big one every twelve months, but also a good seasonal clean ever three months will keep the carpet looking sharp and clear of stains. You don’t need a whole lot of tools for a seasonal boat carpet clean, just a bucket, your garden hose, a soft brush and your choice of soft dish soap will do the trick.

Before you start, give the vessel a good vacuum to get the sand and grit out as much as possible and then you can get cracking on a solid, but gentle and thorough wash of the carpet. Once you’ve got it up to your own liking, pop the boat out in a place where you’ll know it will get dry quickly and then cover it with your boat cover as usual. For your annual clean we highly recommend looking into a professional cleaner. The Boat Butler offers friendly service and professional boat carpet cleaning that will have you back on the water in no time, enjoying the sun and sand once again…just be a bit more careful with the fish next time!

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