Marine detailing is such an important aspect of boat ownership. There’s nothing worse that you can do than leave your boat unprotected and without proper marine detailing you’re doing just that. However, with the right advice and best practice, you can leave your worries on the shore. One of the most interesting effects of poor detailing on a vessel is holograms. These are the squiggly and multicoloured lines over the gelcoat that you’ll see if you’ve ever taken a walk along a pier.

wax your boat
wax your boat

These holograms can’t be seen in all conditions, but on a bluebird day when the sun hits it just right, it can spoil the look of even the most stunning of boats. Holograms are caused by a lack of good polishing practices when marine maintenance and detailing is performed. Rotary polishers are generally equipped with a lambswool pad and cutting compound that are used to remove the oxidation and restore luster to the gel coat. It’s an effective marine detailing technique that can ensure a boat’s gel coat is well looked after, however it leaves behind very fine scratches on the surface of the gel coat that need to be properly buffed and refined during the polish.

If you stop after the compound and just add wax for protection and time saving, this will leave those little unwanted holograms all over the surface of the boat. When you’re in the business of boat ownership, you must ensure that you’re not cutting corners and you’re following the compound step with a good polish afterward. Professional marine detailers like the Boat Butler, are always there to help out when you find yourself time-poor and unable to keep up with your marine detailing on your vessel. This way, there’s no cutting corners and you know you’re getting the best-detailing service for your boat so you can enjoy the best part that comes with owning it…taking it out on the water.

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