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Engine Room & Bilge Cleaning - Gold Coast

Engine room and bilge cleaning can be done in spacious areas or tight confines
Engine room & Bilge degreasing

It’s hot, cramped, and hard to reach, but your boat’s engine room still needs a good scrub now and then.

This is an area extremely important but is so often overlooked or ignored because of the difficulties involved.

The Boat Butler will degrease and clean your engines, engine rooms and bilges while making sure to protect sensitive engine parts and components as we go.

We will remove oil and waste and dispose of it in the correct manner as described by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority discharge standards which in turn obey the MARPOL international convention aimed at preventing pollution from ships.

If you are thinking of selling your boat then a clean and tidy engine room definitely signals a vessel  that is well maintained.

The lowest part of your boat’s hull usually forms the bilge in a recreational vessel and the bilge is where any fluids that run into the hull will collect.

The bilge contents are made up of seawater, rainwater or engine oil collected from a variety of possible sources.

If the bilge is in danger of overflowing it will usually get pumped overboard by a bilge pump connected to a float switch that automatically switches on when a certain level is reached.

Pumping oily bilge water into a waterway or the ocean is an environmental hazard and in Qld there are on the spot fines of $1100 for “failing to keep proper records of sewage and oil disposal or not having proper sewage treatment units on board” see Maritime Safety Queensland.

Book now or call The Boat Butler Gold Coast on 0401 209 514 to discuss engine room cleaning, bilge discharge and degreasing and sewage treatment discharge and servicing options for your boat.

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