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We love boat ceramic coating because of the smiles on our customer’s faces when they see the final finish!

Ceramic coating (also called ceramic paint protection) is quite a bit of work in regards to preparation and application but we can honestly say we think it is worth the expense and after seeing consistent amazing results we can highly recommend a marine ceramic coating application for your fibreglass boat.

Ceramic coating is the ultimate protection for your boat’s hull. It provides multiple layers of protection against harsh UV rays, corrosive salt and other atmospheric fall-out, it is super hydrophobic (water repellent) which makes your boat easier to clean in the future.

We understand ceramic coating is expensive and is a fairly big investment, but so was buying your boat in the first place and good boat maintenance pays off in the long run and also in the short term in terms of how good the boat looks afterwards (see video above).

The result of ceramic coating, if professionally applied, will increase the longevity of your boat and will boost your boat’s looks and therefore it’s value at sale time.

We believe ceramic coating could be the best thing you could do for your boat.

We use only the highest grade marine ceramic coating products (see video below to see Ty’s recommendation).

Kovalent coatings “Revive” is 100% pure SiO2 (silicon dioxide) with specifically sized 20nm – 50nm silica nanoparticles that upon application form an extremely hard crystalline layer which reinforces the hardness of the gel coat beneath it and will prevent damage from saltwater, biofouling, UV rays and chemicals.

The high SiO2 content makes it a much tougher and more durable product than most automotive ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coating features include:

  • Amazing gloss finish – has to be seen to be believed, glossier than a cut, polish and wax, next-level glossiness
  • Durable finish – the nature of the bonding of the ceramic coating to your boat’s exterior surfaces means it isn’t going away, it lasts
  • Protection from sunlight – Outstanding UV protection to slow down colours fading and all surfaces from degrading
  • Flexible coating – surfaces that are prone to vibration and flexing when underway are protected by a ceramic coating’s flexing properties. Ceramic coating doesn’t crack or peel off like other acrylic sealants
  • Will save you money –  Future maintenance costs are reduced due to the extreme hydrophobic property of ceramic coating which beads water droplets which have collected dirt, grease and grime. The water droplets fall down taklng the dirt with them.

The Boat Butler recommends Kovalent Coatings marine ceramic coating products and in particular “Revive” which over the last 5 years in our experience, has proven to be a superior ceramic coating for the Australian east coast and estuary environments.

If you want to know more about ceramic coatings, please read a  guest blog post published on this website on 14 Nov 2023,  see Expert Tips for applying and maintaining a ceramic coating to your boat.

See video below where The Boat Butler proprietor Ty Arnold is interviewed about the ceramic coating he recommends.

Ty Arnold reviews REVIVE ceramic coating

Clients Say

To the team at The Boat Butler – Great work again! Highly recommended A+++

Matt Henington

Matt Henington

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank the team for their hard work on the weekend. All is perfect, see you in 6 months after we get back from Tasmania.

Simon Jacobs

Simon Jacobs

Great job by The Boat Butler, the new captain was very impressed as he could see himself in the hull, lol

George Papas

George Papas

I would just like to thank Ty for the excellent work! The boat was like new, especially the engine room. I will absolutely recommend your services.

J.R. Mortinez

J.R. Mortinez

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