There’s a universal truth among boat owners, that when you love your boat, you take care of it. This means regular boat maintenance, marine detailing and of course, marine vessel washing. Regardless of whether you’re into boats or yachts, you’ll definitely be into ensuring that you get the most out of your marine vessel, and that includes regular washing of your baby.

It’s good for the boat to get the regular clean it needs, but it’s also crucial for the engine and longevity of your marine vessel as regular washing flushes out the salt water from the machinery, as well as from the exterior. A good clean boat wash should include the removal of debris and scrubbing off any marine growth that has accumulated while you were travelling.

Here, we’ve compiled a small list of things to ensure you’re doing when you’re washing your marine vessel. Remember to remove loose equipment, this ensures that no damage occurs when you’re applying the high pressure to the area that you’re focussing on when washing your boat. Ensure you close all the doors and any port windows that may be open, this is pretty self-explanatory, if you’re not wanting to get your interiors wet, close those doors. Important to remember is not to use any ammonia-based cleaning solutions, these can often cause more damage than good to your boat, instead, use a biodegradable detergent that can be used within your high-pressure hose.

When you’re using the high-pressure hose on your boat or yacht, make sure you also use any brush attachments that may be included, this makes sure that you get every inch of anything nasty lurking about and all that saltwater is scrubbed away properly. Finally, once you’ve scrubbed and applied your detergent high-pressure hose, remember to rinse that sucker down. Clean water rinse will mean that you don’t end up with any grimy soap scum remnants and saltwater muck. If this all sounds a bit much, then we encourage you to call a professional in. The Boat Butler is the perfect example of a professional company that will get in and does all the hard work for you, so you can sit back and just enjoy the cruise. 

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