Dismissing the upkeep of your Marine Craft has clear tasteful outcomes, however, it likewise truly sabotages her resale. Routine preventative maintenance including customary polishing is the most financially savvy answer for keeping up your vessel all year.

Appling Polish Manually

Use a soft cloth to apply polish to a small area at a time, rubbing with a circular motion until the surface becomes glassy. After polishing, you should apply a coat of wax to protect the surface and improve the gloss.

Applying Polish with Machine

Moving from polishing your boat by hand to doing it with a machine may be scary. You don’t want to mess up your baby, but the thought of spending the weekend doing it by hand, massaging compound and polish until your arms almost fall off makes you sick.

Traditional polishers spin at a relatively high rate on a single axis. Leave one in one spot for too long and you’ll burn your gelcoat. Make sure you go slow and start out applying small amounts very lightly. Remember you can always polish more but if you go to hard to soon you might do some damage.

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