It’s the age old conundrum, to wax or not to wax? You’ll be glad to know that there is no specific rule for when you should wax and polish. The number of times you wax depends mostly on how often you take your boat out and for how long as well as how rough weather. A cruise around the islands will leave your boat in great condition whereas an ocean cruise in a 10 knot wind will cause significant damage to your nicely waxed hull.  

If you want to stop your boat from fading, chalking or hazing from being in the sun, then keep these tips in mind –
Clean your boat. There is no better way to wax your boat than to start with a clean surface. If you rinse your boat with fresh water after every trip, you’ve already put in enough initial work to keep your boat looking great. A more aggressive wash is necessary if you wish to apply wax and seal. Eliminate all the crud, salt and mineral deposits, marine growth, grease, and mould stains on your boat with a commercial cleaning agent or marine soap.

Wax your Boat

After a thorough clean and wash you can choose either a polymer sealant or a natural wax substance to lock in your boat’s great looks. Natural wax will give a deeper, healthier shine that will make your surface look three dimensional. On the other hand, polymer sealants are plasticised, which means that it will keep for longer and save you the trouble of applying wax all the time. For more information on Waxing and polishing for your boat please phone 0401 209 514.  For more news, information and marine blogs please go to our website at or search Google for ‘the boat butler’.

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