Marine detailing and marine vessel cleaning is an important part of boat maintenance for any boat owner. When you’re taking advantage of the Gold Coast summer weather and your vessel is in the salt too many times to count, it’s important to ensure that you are maintaining the cleaning of it diligently so that its lifespan is longer and you can enjoy more summers with her in the future. It’s good to wash your boat yourself regularly, and on top of that, take your boat into places like The Boat Butler for a thorough and complete marine vessel detailing so that they can pick up anything that you’ve missed in your own rounds.

We’ve compiled a list of important rules to follow when detailing your boat, so you can follow them in preparation for your next marine adventure. First up, every good boat cleaning should start with a freshwater rinse. To remove grime and any other loose contaminants, a quick check of all the hatches and a douse with some good old-fashioned H20 is exactly what the boat doctor ordered. Next, grab your trusty soft cleaning brush and some soapy water and get scrubbing. Marine vessel detailing is hard work, but when she comes back shiny and looking great, you won’t regret it. Ensure that the soap isn’t drying on the marine vessel surface by rinsing with fresh water again every few brushes.

To finish off, a microfibre wash mitt should be used to clean any stainless steel vessel rails, deck hardware and any areas the brush won’t fit. Avoid wetting any glass surfaces with water, as the water spots will cover the boat glass and won’t look as great. Instead, continue on these surfaces with the microfibre mitt. Once you’re done, your boat or yacht will be looking better than ever. And remember, if you need any tricks or tips the friendly team at The Boat Butler will help you. For more great Marine Blogs go to or for more information on our Marine Detailing Services please call +61 401 209 514 for an obligation-free quote.

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