Gold Coast Marine Detailing

Gold Coast Marine Detailing

“When Quality Comes First”

The Boat Butler offers professional Marine Detailing on the Gold Coast so you can enjoy all that the Gold Coast waterways have to offer in style. Professional Marine Detailing from Boat Butler ensures that your marine craft is in the safest hands possible from a simple Wash to a complete Detailing The Boat Butler's Marine Detailing Services on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia have you covered with over 40 years combined expertise with Luxury Marine Craft.

Marine Craft Cut and Polish


This is the area of our business where we really shine!! We have a team of professional polishers with many, many years of experience on all types of finishes and all types of vessels, from trailer boats to Super Yachts. More…

Boat Ceramic Coating


It’s not just about shining your marine craft to as new quality, our Ceramic Coating is essential for the longevity of your craft. Whether it’s the brutal UV rays from the sun, the corrosive salt water or the acidic air. More…

Marine Vessel Interior Detailing


We can give your marine vessel everything from a quick vacuum and tidy up to a full intensive detail from floor to ceiling. We specialise in preparing marine vessels for sale and pre-delivery of super yachts. More…

Marine Craft Engine Rooms and Bilges


This is an area extremely important but is so often overlooked or ignored because of the difficulties involved. We can degrease and clean engines, engine rooms and bilges, protecting sensitive areas as we go. More…

Marine Craft Regular Washing


To stop your gel-coat and paint deteriorating your vessel needs regular washing and polishing. A quick rinse off with a hose at the end of the day is not going to do it and your paint work will pay the price!! More…

Marine Vessel Clears and Windows Washing


Clears are an expensive part of any boat and need to be cared for carefully. Harsh boat washes and brooms are not good for them. We use only the mildest cleaners and lamb’s wool cloths and treat them with VuPlex each clean. More…

Marine Craft Stainless and Aluminium Maintenance


Can be restored, polished and protected with various products depending on the condition it is in. If done correctly it should only need a polish once or twice a year and a regular wash and chamois dry to keep it looking good. More…

Marine Craft Teak Maintenance


Teak is wonderful product on a boat if it’s well maintained and protected. We clean and brighten teak without brutal scrubbing which shortens its life and can undertake sanding and special repairs when required. More…

Marine Vessel Carpet and Laundry Cleaning


We’ll pick up your linen, curtains and other washables, clean your carpets and make sure your marine craft is like new again. We only use ecofriendly high quality cleaners that are proven safe for you and your guests. More…

Gold Coast Marine Detailing Services

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The Boat Butler Marine Vessel Detailing Services for High-Quality Boat, Cruiser, Yacht Cleaning and detailing on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.