I’ve lived a good 20 years now on the Gold Coast and have owned a boat for nearly all of them, so I’m familiar with the services offered on the Coast as well as the harsh realities of owning a boat so close to the salt air. I’ve used The Boat Butler for several years now, having found them to be the best in the market as well as one of the most competitive prices wise considering the services that they offer and the convenience that they provide.


Toward the end of 2020, my wife and I made the decision that we were going to sell our vessel and look to purchasing a new one. While we’ve always maintained our boats to the utmost quality, obviously getting a boat ready for sale is as important as getting a car or a house ready for the same thing, so we didn’t want to pull any punches. We immediately knew we’d use The Boat Butler for the detailing, to get it looking shipshape, so to speak, having used them so often in the past. After one last trip out on the old girl, we organised a consultation with the team at The Boat Butler and decided to just get it all done and dusted in one fell swoop, so we didn’t have to worry again.


The Boat Butler offered us a great price for the whole works, interior, exterior, engine and bilges cleaning, marine vessel clears and windows, as well as routine maintenance to ensure that we were putting the vessel on the market knowing she was in top shape and ready for the next owner to take her off our hands. When the vessel came back to us market-ready, she looked perfect in every way.

There wasn’t a buff out of place and the carpets, which can be notoriously difficult on a marine vessel, were fresh and clean smelling and looked brand new. Safe to say, we fetched an excellent price for the old girl, thanks in no small part to the detailing service we received from The Boat Butler. We’ve since purchased our new vessel, already keen to get back out on the water after selling the previous one, and we’ll continue to use The Boat Butler at every chance knowing that the service and knowledge they provide is second to none.

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