Marine vessel washing is a subject that comes up often between boat owners, as to what is necessary to do yourself and when it’s necessary to send your vessel off to the professionals to ensure a good and thorough clean. The general rule of thumb is that a boat owner should be making sure to surface clean and wash off after each trip out on the sparkling blue water, that isn’t so sparkling once you get below the surface and can leave all sorts of algae and debris on the underside of your hull. In addition to a few good washes in between trips and one good thorough deep clean from a professional boat cleaner, like the Boat Butler, each year your boat will keep you out on the water and having adventures for many a year to come.

We’ve put together a list of items to make sure you’re keeping an eye on with each marine vessel wash that you, or your professional, perform. The hull is one of the most important parts of your boat to make sure stays as clean as possible. Between the sand, the sun and the saltwater the hull can take quite the beating and any damage to this area of your boat can be hard to undo. Ensuring a hull clean after each trip and a proper detail with a wax each 6-12 months will keep your hull free of any long-lasting damage.

Upholstery and canvass is another item high on the list, making sure that this stays as clean as possible will allow your boat seats and cover to be free of cracks and wear and tear. The engine or motor will also require a thorough clean with each professional clean and a good wash off after each trip to make sure all salt and sand is kept at a distance. With these three big items being upkept by a good wash, you should have a boat that enjoys a long and happy life on the water.

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