If taken cared for correctly a teak deck will wear naturally and should not require over hauling for between 10 – 15 years. Teak wood is made up of hard and soft wood component and whilst teak is very tough it is very easy to drag out the soft wood elements leaving elevation in the hard wood.

Wash it frequently as you would with any deck with fresh or salt water using only a soft brush. Once or twice a year is recommended. You clean teak boat decking with a specialist teak deck cleaner.

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Don’t use high-pressure cleaners, they will blow out the soft wood component of the teak leaving ridges and will force you into prematurely sanding your teak decks. Don’t use hard brushes or household cleaning solvent as again these can hurt the soft surface. Always make sure that you use correct teak cleaning solutions on your decks, as this will ensure its life span.

Sand the teakwood to remove the grey-coloured surface grain. Use 120-grit sandpaper or a foam sanding, block and sand in the direction of the wood grain. For large areas, you can use a handheld random orbital sander to reduce the labour necessary to remove the faded wood.

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Switch to a fine, 220-grit sandpaper or foam sanding block, and continue to sand the entire teakwood item to smooth down rough grain and provide a satiny smooth finish. An orbital sander is too aggressive for this step.

Remove sanding dust by wiping down the teakwood with a tack cloth. If you’re refinishing a small item, move it to a garage or somewhere out of the wind for the next step.

Apply teak oil or teak sealer to the dry, clean wood. Both products pass through the surface grain for added protection from the weather. Brush on a thin coat with a natural bristle brush and let it soak in, or buff it with a soft buffing pad as directed on the product’s label. Additional thin coats of oil or sealer can offer more protection and enhance the surface.

By taking the time to care for and protect your valuable Teak you’ll not only save on refits but also keep that ‘brand new’ look to your marine vessel. For more information on Teak care please for your boat phone 0401 209 514.  For more news, information and marine blogs please go to our website at www.theboatbutler.com.au or search Google for ‘the boat butler’.

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